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2023 - 2024 Season Tournament Schedule

Entry forms will be available to download to print and submit via USPS.

2023-24 TS.jpg

If you reside or visit SCD for more than 31 days, you must join the South Central Division and Bowls USA to bowl in an SCD tournament.     Bowlers visiting for 31 days or less may participate if they belong to a World Bowls affiliate such as WBB.

Entry Forms - Click Tournament Name to Download

Please review and follow scorecard best practices HERE

Tournament Conditions of Play always include the hosting club's Code of Conduct.  Your good sportsmanship and courtesy promote our sport.

Conditions of Play  (rev 3/5)   Rescheduled
  to  March 11 & 12
Conditions of Play
Results:  Day 1     Day 2
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