2020 - 2021 Season Tournament Schedule

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If you reside or visit SCD for more than 31 days, you must join the South Central Division and Bowls USA to bowl in an SCD tournament.     Bowlers visiting for 31 days or less may participate if they belong to a World Bowls affiliate such as WBB.

COVID-19 Update regarding SCD Tournaments for 2020-21 Season


As everyone knows, COVID-19 has impacted everything we do for the last several months. AZ is no exception.  We are still severely restricted in what we can do, but there are signs recently that things are improving.  There is no way to know now what the impact on lawn bowling will be for this season.


As of now, here is the plan which is subject to change when we get more information.


The website will be updated with the planned schedule of tournaments.  However, the entry forms will not be available until November 1st.  No entries will be received until November 1st to try to avoid extra work returning entries if a tournament isn't allowed to be held.  Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation as we try to make the best of this situation.


Future updates will be emailed to members and will also be posted on our website at www.scdlawnbowls.com.


Stay safe and, hopefully, good bowling,


Len Hitchcock, President

SCD of Bowls USA

Tournament Conditions of Play always include the hosting club's Code of Conduct.  

Your good sportsmanship and courtesy promote our sport.

Entry Forms

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forms will be available Nov 1

Bob Lane Mixed Triples

Bill Weaver Men's Pairs

Stewart-Wood Women's Pairs

Arizona Mixed Rinks

Salisbury Singles

Thomson-Zivec Open Pairs

George Ralston Mixed Triples

SCD Women's Open 

Results:  Fours / Singles / Pairs

SCD Men's Open

Results:  Triples / Pairs / Singles

Mary Terrill Mixed / Women's Pairs

Arizona Senior Open Triples

Arizona Senior Open Pairs

SCD Men's Playdowns

Entries:  Pairs   Singles

SCD Women's Playdowns

Entries:  Pairs   Singles

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