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2022 SCD Playdown Champions

Mare, Lorraine, Dee, SpongeBob, David, Ian


Women's Singles
Mare Beath


Men's Singles
SpongeBob Perry

Dee and Lorraine.jpg

Women's Pairs
Dee McSparran (Skip) and Lorraine Hitchcock  

Ian and David.jpg

Men's Pairs
Ian Ho (Skip) and David Shaw 

2020 and 2021 SCD Play Downs Were Not Held

Jean, Reggie, Dee, Jim, Jimmy, Wayne

2019 SCD Playdown Champions

Jean - 1.jpg

Women's Singles
Jean English

Canadian Pacific  4.JPG

Men's Singles
Wayne Baines

ladies pairs 1.jpg

Women's Pairs
Reggie Banares and Dee McSparran (Skip) 


Men's Pairs
Jim Filipiak and Jimmy Wolterman (Skip) 

Alice, Myra, Lorraine, Len, Darrell, Don

2018 SCD Playdown Champions

Women's Singles
Alice Birkinshaw

Men's Singles
Len Hitchcock 

Women's Pairs
Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock 

Men's Pairs
Darrell Jones and Don Wood

 David, Alice, Len, Dee, Ron, Lorraine

2017 SCD Team at National Championship

lawn bowls pictures from 2017 US Championships

2017 US Women's Pairs National Champions
Dee & Alice
Undefeated in Tournament







Alice, Dee, Lorraine, Len, David, Ron

2017 SCD Playdown Champions

Women's Pairs
Dee MeSparran (skip) & Alice Birkinshaw

Men's Pairs
Ron Rollick (skip) & David Shaw

Women's Singles
Lorraine Hitchcock 

Men's Singles
Len Hitchcock 

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