David, Alice, Len, Dee, Ron, Lorraine

2017 SCD Team at National Championship

lawn bowls pictures from 2017 US Championships



Jean, Dee, Reggie, Wayne, Jimmy, Jim 

2019 SCD Play Down Champions

Jean - 1.jpg

Women's Singles - Jean English

Canadian Pacific  4.JPG

Men's Singles - Wayne Baines

ladies pairs 1.jpg

Women's Pairs - Reggie Banares and Dee MeSparran (skip) 

mens pairs A.jpg

Men's Pairs - Jim Filipiak and Jimmy Wolterman (skip) 

Alice, Myra, Lorraine, Len, Darrell, Don

2018 SCD Play Down Champions

Women's Singles - Alice Birkinshaw

Men's Singles - Len Hitchcock 

Women's Pairs - Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock 

Men's Pairs - Darrell Jones and Don Wood

2017 US Women's Pairs Champions

Dee & Alice

Undefeated in Tournament





2017 SCD Play Down Champions

Men's Pairs - Ron Rollick (skip) & David Shaw

Women's Pairs - Dee MeSparran (skip) & Alice Birkinshaw

Women's Singles - Lorraine Hitchcock 

Men's Singles - Len Hitchcock